the power of now review

The Power Of Now

How could I create a list of my Top 20 favourite life changing books, without the one that started it all. 

The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle – A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment

Imagine a life where you weren’t constantly worrying about the future, or dwelling on the past.  For many of us, this is something we will never experience, that feeling of complete and utter peace.

Here’s a little secret….

That feeling of peace, isn’t somewhere in the future, and it’s not somewhere in your past…it’s right here right now, in this very moment.  

It was this book that allowed me to discover who I really was, where I really was, and what was really important to me.

The Power Of Now teaches us to be aware of our thoughts, to get to know who WE really are, and to discover that we are not the voice in our head.  Discover and uncover the ego for what it really is, and allow yourself the happiness of the moment.  

For me this book was best read in small sections, I took time to digest each little peace, and then worked to apply it to my life.  I read this book 5 years ago now, and I still remember that first incredible feeling of suddenly being in the present moment.  Nothing else mattered, and I was finally peaceful.  I was suddenly aware of everything, and that annoying degrading voice in my head was quiet for the first time ever.

The Power of Now turned out to be the stepping stone I needed to begin healing from the past, living in the moment, and embracing the future. You will know if you are ready to begin this journey inwards, and if you feel drawn to this book, maybe your time is now.

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