Emotions can be full on right?

We can find ourselves stomping around in an angry funk one minute, crying the next, only to end up laughing our heads off.  Spiritual Drawing

Are we going crazy? NO WAY! It’s all completely normal to feel that way, emotions are normal, as long as we express them as they arise.  Emotions are feelings that are meant to be expressed.  Not only do expressed emotions tell others how we are feeling but they also release chemicals that help us feel more relaxed and deal with stress better. Crying is a great way to express these pent up emotions and release feel good chemicals. No wonder we always feel better after a good cry.  You will notice that your child often needs to hit rock bottom, have a good cry and then everything gets better from there.

Another way to release emotions is through spiritual drawing.  Spiritual drawing is calming, relaxing and something that suitable for different ages, sexes and all family members.

Here’s how to Release Emotions through the act of Spiritual Drawing.

Each person will need a piece of paper and a selection of coloured crayons. Yes I said crayons – stay with me here adults, and teens this is going to be as therapeutic for the little ones I teach eachday.

First sit comfortably alone, or with your child, or children at the table with your paper and crayons in front of you.  Take a deep breath together and relax as you breath out.  Feel your whole body relax, and say out loud “Our bodies are relaxing”.

Now tell yourself, or your child that you are going to draw, but it’s going to be a different kind of drawing, because you aren’t going to decide what you are going to draw. It’s just going to happen.

Depending on how relaxed you are will depend of how easily this process flows, and it could take a couple of times.  The best thing to do is to lead by example if you have a little person watching.

Choose your crayon, take a deep breath, close your eyes for a moment and press the crayon down on the paper. Just let the crayon move as it wants to. When it comes to a stop, pick a different colour and continue drawing.  At this point your child should begin drawing too.  If they ask ‘What are you drawing’ respond gently with, ‘Let’s just wait and see what happens’.

It can be interesting to see the patterns that have been made on the paper when the mind has not been involved.

The different colours chosen all have different meanings and can tell us a lot about the emotions and thoughts that are being processed within ourselves or our children.

Red – The colour of power, passion and danger.  It can mean you are feeling powerless in a particular situation.

Pink – The colour of love and friendship, you could be in need of more love or need be giving out love to someone who needs it.

Yellow – The colour of home, you could be needing more light in their life, and be craving the safety and warmth of the home environment. It can also relate to happiness and stability.

Blue – A cleansing colour, when used as rain, and rivers, but also a colour associated with over thinking situations. Maybe the you are too much up in you head and you need grounding to the earth below.

Green – The colour of nature, healing and money.  Money could be flowing in.  It may also be a time to connect with the earth and ground your precious energy.

Black – The colour of darkness, and mystical energies.  Too much black could meant that anger is trapped and thoughts are becoming darker.

Purple – The colour of spiritual protection, means you could be in need of protection from unwanted energies.

Orange – The colour of warmth, friendship and courage.  It could also mean tiredness and fatigue, or a feeling of needing a good old break.

Grey – The colour of strength, stability and authority.  It could mean the need for reassurance, or support.

White – The colour of purity, not often used because it’s so transparent, but can show a need for cleansing or that you are able to shine pure light on a situation or person.

Brown – A complex colour, often used to show confusion about a situation or that you are feeling muddled or overwhelmed.
‘Today I will take time to draw.  I will remember to just enjoy the process, with no picture or purpose in mind.  I will feel all the emotions that were trapped inside me, flowing out onto the paper in front of me’

If you would like a little more guidance to what your spiritual drawing could mean, attach it below and I will reply as soon as I can x

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