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Getting My Essential Green Nutrients!

I have had to ask myself some big questions this weekend.  I have had to reassess everything.

Over the past week it dawned on me (or hit me like a sack of concrete) that I have a very busy life.

So busy in fact, that all my energy has gone into everyone else, and I haven’t been able to look after myself as well as I know should. 

On Friday afternoon, I burst into tears. 

I realised that my life was completely out of balance.  I wasn’t breathing properly, eating properly, or even drinking any water!

I thought…”somethings wrong here”.

You know that life has become to busy when you forget to even drink water! 

Not only that but my mind was a muddle.  I was having trouble focusing, and I kept forgetting what I was talking about half way through a conversation. 

I forgot to eat lunch almost everyday this last week, and constantly walked into my office to do something important, but then stood there trying to remember what it was.

The final straw was on Friday when I forgot what classroom my daughter was in at school!

I felt like a total fraud!

Here I was, supposedly meant to me a health guru, and telling other people to ‘love themselves’ and ‘nourish themselves’ and yet here I was completely dehydrated, stressed, and undernourished.

After a little soul searching, I have come to the realisation that I need to slow down, and I’m putting some things in place so I can do that. 

One of the things I have had to do, is ask for help…  

Oh the horror. 

My ego screamed ‘you failure’ but my intuition comforted me with ‘Do it Jamie, it shows strength, not weakness’.

I’ve been here before and I know exactly what I need to do…

I need to get my energy levels up, nourish myself and I have to do it fast.

So…I’m about to embark on a 3 day health BOOST that will get the nutrients into me that I need, rehydrate me, and lower my stress levels. 

I will keep you updated on how I go, and am putting together some super delicious, nutrient dense meals for my BOOST. 


A couple of things before I go…

Have you ever felt as low as I felt on Friday?

Would you be interested in a 3 day health BOOST of your own?

Give me an email back because I’d love to hear from you.


I reply to every comment and/or email I receive, so get in touch, or join me by clicking on my photo below (I am finally getting the green goodness I need)!!!  

Look out for more goodness coming your way very soon, including some delicious vegan inspired recipes. 

Jamie x

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