Join me now for this inspirational journey to discover who you really are.  Move away from the voice in your head, and find the power within, so you can shine your beautiful light into the world.

Feel lighter, and more inspired by letting go of everything that doesn’t serve your highest good in this new, and enlightening meditation.  How good would it feel to just let go of everything?

Find that creative, life changing inspiration that is held within you right now.  I can help you find your precious gifts.  Learn how to use these unique gifts to make a difference in the world.

10 Benefits Of Using Pink Himalayan Salt

Known as “pink gold,” Himalayan crystal salt is actually a beautiful translucent pink, from the Himalayan mountain ranges, and contains all of the 84 elements found in your body. It's a healthy addition to so many meals. You will never go back to boring old table salt...

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Herb & Sesame Spelt Bread

Spelt flour is a healthier alternative to regular wheat flour, and by using organic stone ground flour ensures bread has the highest nutrient content possible. Ingredients: 280g tepid water 500g organic stoneground spelt flour 2 tsps dried active yeast 50g sesame...

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10 Signs Your Child Could Be Low in Magnesium

Most children and adults are low in magnesium, which is caused mainly by stress and diet. Diets containing processed foods, sugar and supermarket breads and cereals can lower magnesium levels rapidly.  Stressful and busy lifestyles, including school and after school...

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Sunflower Spelt Buns

Although spelt flour still contains gluten, it's much easier to digest than regular wheat flour. We spent 2 years without any gluten in our diet, and after healing the gut we are able to add back in spelt flour without any troubles.   It's a lovely addition to our...

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Where To Shop For Bulk Nuts, Seeds, Dried Fruit & Grains

Online Commonsense Organics - Huckleberry Farms Chantal Organics Naturally Organic - The Natural Grocer - Ceres Organics...

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Red Berry & Banana Ice Blocks

These are so refreshing on a hot afternoon, and are a healthy option being refined sugar and dairy free. They are so delicious, full of natural fruit flavours, and made without any nasties by using Red Seals Strawberry & Rhubarb Fruit Tea. Ingredients:   1 cup of...

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How To Choose A Non Toxic Toothpaste

The chemicals found in toothpaste are absolutely unnecessary.  Most of the nasties come from artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, which have nothing to do with cleaning your teeth. How do you choose a non toxic toothpaste for your family? Always read the back...

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The ‘Not So Boring’ Bone Broth

Don't tell the kids it's bone broth in disguise, we actually call bone broth at out house - Super Soup!! What kid wants to eat something called bone broth right?? But Super Soup!!! Yes please! It contains all the goodness of a slow cooked bone broth, with added herbs,...

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Easy Almond Milk Recipe

Almond milk is not only delicious, but just one glass contains around 30% of our daily calcium requirements, required for strong bones, and 50% of our recommended vitamin E requirements, necessary for healthy glowing skin. With many of us choosing to go ‘dairy free’...

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