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So I hit rock bottom….

I have had to ask myself some big questions this weekend.  I have had to reassess everything. Over the past week it dawned on me (or hit me like a sack of concrete) that I have a very busy life. So busy in fact, that all my energy has gone into everyone else, and I...

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5 Inspirational Life Changing Books That Changed My Life

You know that saying that saying goes... "We are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with?” It’s so true! However it isn’t always easy to surround yourself with the most amazing, inspirational people that the world has to offer. Therefore I have always...

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Spiritual Drawing to Release Emotions

Emotions can be full on right? We can find ourselves stomping around in an angry funk one minute, crying the next, only to end up laughing our heads off.   Are we going crazy? NO WAY! It's all completely normal to feel that way, emotions are normal, as long as we...

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The Power Of Now

How could I create a list of my Top 20 favourite life changing books, without the one that started it all.  The Power Of Now by Eckhart Tolle - A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment Imagine a life where you weren't constantly worrying about the future, or dwelling on the...

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Twelve Lessons – A Life Changing Novel

The Twelve Lessons by Kate Spencer is was one of those books that came into my life at the right time.  I had just begun a whole new chapter of my life which I call 'Living the life I love'.   I had jumped of the proverbial cliff into the absolute unknown, said...

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Do you REALLY care about yourself?

Do you care about yourself?  Do I REALLY care about MYSELF? I care what happens to me but am I really CARING for myself? Am I looking after myself? Stupid question I hear you say, of course we care about ourselves.  We feed ourselves healthy foods, we drink water, we...

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Avoiding Additives At The Supermarket

In my ideal world I would living a self sufficient lifestyle on 10 acres of organic land.  But they reality is, my suburban garden grows a few greens, and the rest of our food I have to source, and source on a budget just like most people. The health of my family...

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The Chemical Generation

My book 'The Chemical Generation' has just launched in eBook format.  This book has a little piece of my heart and soul, and a whole lot of information for parents wanting to create the healthiest childhood possible for their children.    Why am I so passionate about...

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