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jamie geurtjens

Jamie Geurtjens

A Daily Dose of Goodness is a place to find goodness for the mind, body and soul.  You will also find an array of sugar free, gluten free, and chemical free recipes. Along with inspiration, and ideas for increasing the health and well-being of your family.

My name is Jamie and I live in Wellington, New Zealand with my husband and two gorgeous children.  

I am a freelance writer, and author of ‘The Chemical Generation’.  

I am also the founder of the organic skincare company, Clean Green Skincare and am a experienced early years teacher, with a Bachelor of Education from Massey University.  

I believe that if we listen to our body, give it what it really needs, that it will be able to heal itself. I am a strong believer in the mind and body connection, you need a healthy body for a healthy mind, and a healthy mind for a healthy body!

My biggest achievement in life is supporting my son’s natural recovery from the autistic spectrum.  Nothing brings me more joy than seeing him smile again. The key to his recovery was having a holistic approach that involved healing his body in order to heal his mind. His recovery involved changing our diet, which contained hidden chemicals, gluten and sugar.

This website is where I share my healing recipes, and offer inspiration and motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

Look after yourself, inside and out……for it is then you will be able to look after the world.

Have faith in yourself, and listen to your heart.  

Jamie x

Feel free to contact me at: jamiegeurtjens@gmail.com

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