manuka honey benefitsManuka honey is a powerful superfood, capable of healing and boosting immunity.  It has an antibacterial, and anti inflammatory properties that sets it apart from other honeys, and makes it the ideal natural healer for so many conditions.


10 ways with the superfood – Manuka Honey

1 – Sooth sore throats: Add a tsp of Manuka honey to a cup of warm water, with a squeeze of lemon and sip to sooth a sore throat, and boost immunity.

2 – Sweeten baking naturally: Replace refined sugar with Manuka honey in baking.

3 – Make sticky honey and soy chicken: Coat chicken in a a mixture of honey, soy, and sesame seeds before cooking for a delicious meal.

4 – Heal wounds: Dab a small amount of Manuka honey onto wounds to speed healing, and reduce redness and inflammation. 

5 – Nourish your hair: Add 1 tsp of Manuka honey into your conditioner, and leave it on for 5 minutes to mend broken, dry and damaged hair.

6 – Sweeten smoothies, and ice blocks: Add natural sweetness to smoothies, and ice blocks by adding 1 tsp of Manuka honey during the blending stage.

7 – Heal acne naturally: Add 1/2 a tsp of manuka honey to your cleanser, or use honey by its self to treat acne, cleanse the skin, and reduce redness. 

8 – Make sweet raw treats: Add 1 tbsp of honey to coconut il, and mix with your favourite seeds, and nuts before refrigerating to make a healthy snack.

9 – Heal mouth ulcers: Pop 1/2 tsp of Manuka honey into your mouth and leave for 2 – 5 minutes, swishing it around to coat the inside of the mouth. 

10 – Healing for pets: Use manuka honey to treat small pet wounds from fighting, it’s safe for them to eat and helps to boost their immunity too. 



If you have a skin condition, or illness that you are worried about please consult your natural health professional.  

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